Quintavant is a weekly special programme dedicated to experimental and improvising music based at Audio Rebel (Rio de Janeiro), a recording studio that works as a kind of venue.

Most of all, Quintavant is the place of new bands and projects from Rio. Projects like the combination of no wave and free jazz of Chinese Cookie Poets, the drone-jazz-metal of Bemônio, the sound art of DEDO, and the free-bard Negro Leo, noise projects like VICTIM! and Sobre a Máquina (both of Cadu Tenório); and others.

Some international artistas played here as well, like Paal Nilssen-Love and Arto Lindsay, Peter Brötzmann, Peter Evans, Lichens, The Ex, Matana Roberts, Kevin Drumm, Zomes, Frode Gjerstad Trio, Joe Lally and lots of brazillian artists from everywhere — like Metá Metá and Maurício Takara from São Paulo Underground.

The QTV label has emerged as inevitable outspread of the experimental, productive and collaborative environment created at Audio Rebel, a place where, in addition to the intense and diverse musical program, runs a recording studio.

Musicians, producers, luthiers, audio and recording technicians and other professionals are working continuously at the Rebel, where there is also a instruments and records store (which sells the QTV material).

Producing and recording an Arto Lindsay´s concert with the Anglo-Norwegian drummer Paal Nilssen-Love in 2013 was a crucial experience. The recording led to the Scarcity album, released worldwide by PNL, Nilssen-Love´s label, proving the existence of a "virtuous circle" at Audio Rebel: create the exploratory selection of Quintavant to record the concerts and release it in the form of digital audio files, CDs, cassettes, vinyl.

Thus, in May 2014, we created QTV´s Bandcamp and Soundcloud. At the Bandcamp, people can find the records and at the Soundcloud singles, live tracks, outtakes.