Download competition November

To sweeten the deal, we are throwing in two fashionable subradar t-shirts + five albums to the winner if we get to our goal of 100 dl this month. Worn by a sleepy Norwegian musician.

The Necks special!

"....The Greatest trio on earth" - Geoff Dyer, New York Times

"There appear, through some weird alchemy of harmonics, phantom instruments. A cello? A human voice? A violin? Hearing such things, wanting to have the source of these auditory hallucinations verified, you look to see what is happening, but there are just these three middle-aged blokes, playing piano, bass and drums, conjuring things that do not exist."

!Subradar 5 Years today!

Not long ago this year Norway’s biggest independent digital distributor Phonofile got merged with The Orchard a Sony owned company. This marks the end of their 11 years as an Norway’s leading indie distributor. This is also not particularly good news for people dealing narrow genres, and can it can be seen in a pattern of recent mergers of small independent distributors that are being bought by a few major companies.

Clean Feed albums published and new playlist curator!

Hello all!
We are glad to say that we finally got the first of the new Clean Feed published this week, and more are on the way! We hope to have a steady supply of new releases from Portugal during the summer months.

And finally the first curator for new series of playlists is confirmed. We are thrilled to announce that Swedish improvisor and guitar ace David Stackenäs will be the first one to give you his recommendations:

Clean Feed and new curators!

Hello all!

Finally after a long time of going back and forth we are ready to start presenting more music from the vast Clean Feed catalogue. With almost 500 published albums they are one of the most productive outlets of high quality creative creative music in Europe. So we are thrilled that its finally happening!

Best wishes for Christmas 2016!

The Subradar staff would just like to thank all followers, music lovers and connoisseurs for their interest and support in 2016. We are looking forward to 2017 with plenty of enthusiasm and we hope to spread the word about improvised and experimental music even further. For those of you seeking the christmas spirit, please refer to our Subradar Superdeal campaign when shopping, and we will charge you an additional 20%:) (the staff needs their christmas dinner) Finally we would like to wish everyone a merry christmas!

Best wishes
Subradar staff

New developments/August

The Necks 4-disc live box set "Athenaeum, Homebush", will soon be available. As the only digital outlet for their music, subradar is very happy to present this.

Also Norwegian Label Nakama Records’ are publishing their fifth release. Featuring the violin duo Jinchūriki consisting of young Norwegian wonder boys Håkon Aase and Adrian Løseth Waade is set for release August 29th.

The vast FMR catalogue is now almost complete, but there are still a number of new arrivals still to come, keep an eye out for new albums!

Kairos, Simax, Aurora and +3db

It might not be a well known fact, but there is a substantial amount of contemporary composed music at subradar. This weekend we try and put the spotlight on some of the labels and composers of the genre. We are especially happy to be working with the Austrian Kairos label, and great Norwegian labels Simax, Aurora and +3b to name a few.