Munich Rat Pack (Schindler / Kolb / Tramontana)

"Spontaneous, random, uncalculated, surprising, unheard ... All this applies to improvised music, and even more! The unexpected is never to be excluded, as in life. But the everyday also occasionally requires improvisation. As part of Akustronik's Klangkunst series at the Kunstlerhaus Streitfeld in Munich, curated by Rainald Schwarz + me, I had planned a trio with the brass blower Philipp Kolb and an electric guitarist with electronic equipment for the # 5 performance on May 31, On the morning of the performance a (real) painful cancellation of the electronic sound partner took place. The hectic calls to the search for a replacement were unsuccessful, actually logical. Always motivated and motivated, our italian trombonist Sebastiano Tramontana, who lives in Munich, was always ready to go. However, ACUSTIC. In order to meet the curatorial requirements, Philipp Kolb and I spontaneously activated our electrical-electronic equipment, in addition to the acoustic instruments. The result of the concert of 31 May 2014 was more than convincing, as experienced listeners said, and is to be heard and watched. It has emerged from the necessity new and enriching for the protagonists. We want to pursue this project together empathically, to vary the instruments and to target new goals. It is one of the few fixed trio of professional improvised music in Munich. On this CD, excerpts from 2 live recordings can be heard, as homeopathic soundcards. Enjoy listening and thinking