Robin Hayward – microtonal F-tuba
Kristoffer Lo – microtonal C-tuba
Martin Taxt – microtonal C-tuba

Consisting of three fully microtonal tubas, Microtub explores group tuba music from the perspective of microtonality. Colour-coded sculptural scores are used to define areas of harmonic space in Just Intonation, presenting geometric structures to be explored by the players over time.

Microtub have presented their music at various festivals such as Festival Densites in France, Kongsberg Jazz in Norway and ITEC in Linz, Austria. They have also been touring Germany and Japan.

Their self-titulated debut album on SOFA in 2011, received great reveiws in various magazines around the world:

Sound of Music
Det är ett ovanligt smakrikt och doftande långkok med tuba.
...the fluttering beat patterns and rich, velvety sonorities of Microtub are light years away from the awful farting oompah nightmare most folks might expect in a piece for three tubas. While the central section sounds like the purr of a giant cat, the resemblance to the human voice in the opening and closing sections is striking, despite the musicians' studious avoidance of singing and playing simultaneously.
Olewnick Blogspot
...an amazing depth of twining tones, long-held, resonating, forming fluctuating pulses that buffet the eardrums in delicious fashion.
Le son du grisli
Au terme de la quarantaine promise, ce sont plusieurs soleils noirs qui ont été dessinés sur le presque-même canevas : si l’astre qui en résulte brille, c’est par l’épaisseur de ses contours.
Touching Extremes
On a close listen, you’ll perceive the bubbling-and-hissing activity that no zealot of reductionist EAI wants to miss; however the best effect is achieved, as always in similar cases, by letting the radiations diffuse at average volume in a sort of instantaneous therapy.
Improv Sphere
Microtub explore un terrain encore inconnu, du moins très méconnu, à savoir le timbre du tuba, mais également les phénomènes acoustiques microtonaux ; une exploration très singulière donc, profonde et extrêmement riche et dense. Recommandé !