Juçara Marçal & Cadu Tenório

Juçara Marcal is the singer from the group Metá Metá anda has also an acclaimed solo career. As solo, release the album in 2014, Encarnado. She took part in the vocal group Vesper, which released four albums. With the group A Barca, released two albums and took part in this important group research work, conducted in nine Brazilian states between 2004 and 2005. Besides Kiko Dinucci, started a partnership a few years ago researching and developing a work with afro-Brazilian traditions. From this partnership, they released Padê (2007) and two records with Metá Metá (with the saxophonist Thiago França), Metá Metá (2011) and Metal Metal (2012).

Cadu Tenorio is an artist from Rio de Janeiro connected to the electronic and experimental scene, whose work is constructed from field recordings, tape loops, processed sounds and sounds extracted from everyday objects. His name is associated as a composer and musician to VICTIM!, Ceticências and Banquete (with Márcio Bulk). Has already released works with several major labels in noise's harvest, as Fusty Cunt and Murderabilia Records.