João Paulo Esteves da Silva, Nelson Cascais, João Lencastre

João Paulo Esteves da Silva is the voice of portuguese piano playing. He finished the Superior Course of Piano in the Lisbon National Conservatoire (1984) with the maximum classification, and in the Rueil-Malmaison Conservatoire, in Paris, where he went to go even further in performing perfection with a grant given by the State, he received the most highest distinctions, like the Médaille dʼOr, the Prix Jacques Dupont, the Prix dʼExcellence and the Prix de Perfectionement. Jazz didnʼt came after this, but before.His first big concert was in 1979, in the Cascais Jazz Festival, included in the group Quinto Crescente. At the same time, he was the pianist of choice of many popular singers / songwriters, like Fausto, José Mário Branco, Vitorino and Sérgio Godinho, in some cases also as arranger and musical director. The first record (“Serra Sem Fim”, 1995) under his own name was released after his return to Portugal, establishing his future coordinates. Fellow pianist Mário Laginha praised his “imense musical intelligence” and saxophonist Peter Epstein recorded no less than four discs with him, suficient sign of his admiration. João Paulo first solo incursion (“Roda, les suites portugaises”, 2002), was released by French label Empreinte Digitale, with its post-modern versions of traditional Portuguese music, John Cageʼs prepared piano and a Debussy-like lyricism. With jazz colors, of course.

Nelson Cascais has already teamed up with Aaron Goldberg, David Binney, Avishai Cohen, Rick Margitza, Antonio Sanchez, John Ellis, Nelson Veras, Maria Schneider, Jerome Richardson, António Faraó, Brad Shepik, Abe Rabade, Perico Sambeat, Dave O´Higgins, Jesse Davis, Jesus Santandreu, Maria João, Mário Laginha, Ivan Padduart, Sara Serpa, Benny Lackner, Matt Renzi, Markku Ounaskari, Jarmo Savolainen, Jesse Chandler, André Fernandes, Bernardo Sassetti, among many others. Apart from Portugal Nelson has played the major concert halls and jazz festivals in Spain, Finland, Germany, Poland, Belgium, France, Latvia, Estonia, Norway, USA, Romania, Greece, Switzerland, Cuba, India, China, Mozambique and Angola. Much more than a double bass player, he established himself - with the release of five albuns under his name - as a composer with a personal and consistent idea regarding the music he performs.

João Lencastre is a drummer/composer native from Lisbon. Started playing the drums at the age of 13 and he is now one of the most active and creative musicians on the Portuguese musical scene. He has played all different kinds of music, from avant garde Jazz to mainstream,Alternative Rock, Free Improvisation, Afro Beat, Reggae, Metal, World,Electronic/Dance, etc. Apart from Portugal, has also played in different venues around the world, including New York, Prague, England, Poland, Germany, Brazil, Spain and Panama. Has played and/or recorded with David Binney, Bill Carrothers, Andre Fernandes, Mario Franco, Thomas Morgan,Jacob Sacks,Afonso Pais, Carlos Barreto, Phil Grenadier, Andre Matos, Demian Cabaud,Leo Genovese, Peter Bernstein, Masa Kamaguchi, Benny Lackner, Nelson Cascais, Spill, Joao Paulo Esteves da Silva, Vojtech Porchaska, David Doruzka,Noah Preminger,Russ Johnson,Sean Conly,Randy Ingram, Jeremy Stratton, among many others.. Lencastre has put out four records as a leader with his group Communion,"One!" and "B-Sides" on Fresh Sound/New Talent, "Sound it Out!" on TOAP Records and his latest "What is this all about?" on Auand Records, all with great national and international reviews on some of the most prestigious magazines, Modern Drummer, Jazz Times, Ipslon, Jazz.PT, All About Jazz, NYC Jazz Record, just to name a few.