Die Hochstapler

The work of the Italian-French-German quartet “Die Hochstapler” (The Impostors) is based on questions of language and communication. Refraining from any use of notation, rules and strategies developed out of poetry, card games, alphabets and other sources of inspiration form the grammar for the hochstaplerish discourse. Four independent voices, free to suggest, pretend, agree, disagree or ignore at any time of the game, collectively build up a rhetoric full of hints and references, playful and ever changing.
The main source for these concepts lies in the discovery of one independent thinker from Chicago: Alvin P. Buckley, who’s work has only recently been revealed and is brought to greater attention for the first time in its interpretation by “Die Hochstapler”.
Die Hochstapler have played in a number of festivals and places all over Europe. Their 2CD set “The Braxtornette Project” has been released on UMLAUT Records to much critical acclaim.