Anemoi //

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Recorded at Piggotts, Bucks, UK
Recording date: 
Monday, April 14, 2014
Mark Saunders
  • 1. NW: Argestes (06:56)
  • 2. N: Waziya (06:12)
  • 3. NE: Caisias (05:43)
  • 4. E: E-uyan-do-ne (10:32)
  • 5. SE: Eurus (10:26)
  • 6. S: Okaga (06:51)
  • 7. SW: Lips (06:14)
  • 8. WE-bangishimog (08:08)

Viv Corringham - voice
Lawrence Casserley - signal processing instrument

In ancient Greek myth, the Anemoi were wind gods who were associated with various seasons and weather conditions. We have named our tracks after winds from other cultures as well as the Greek. They form a compass rose of winds from around the world.

Lawrence Casserley is a pioneer of real time electroacoustic music, since the 60s working with other artists and developing his Signal Processing Instrument, using physical gestures to process and morph sounds; here he works with British vocalist and Deep Listening teacher Viv Corringham in an other-worldly collaboration of voice and electonics.