Hide Ye Idols //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
The Bunker Studio, Brooklyn, NY, USA
Recording date: 
Thursday, November 19, 2015
Dedicated with Special Thanks to Vincent Francis, Vincent Francis, Paul Joseph, and Gloria.
Artwork design: 
Espen Friberg
Mastering engineer: 
Nate Wood
Mixing engineer: 
Eivind Opsvik
Geoff Kraly
  • 1. Sun Ra (06:35)
  • 2. People's History (05:27)
  • 3. Family (05:53)
  • 4. St. Jerome (06:16)
  • 5. Bulwer Lytton (04:55)
  • 6. Hide Ye Idols (04:16)
  • 7. Valentinus (04:36)

Loren Stillman - alto saxophone
Brandon Seabrook - guitar
Eivind Opsvik - bass
Vinnie Sperrazza - drums

Drummer and composer Vinnie Sperrazza, building on the success of of his 2014 release Apocryphal, presents Hide Ye Idols, his strongest artistic statement to date, released on Loyal Label. Featuring the returning cast from Apocryphal- alto saxophonist Loren Stillman (Paul Motian, Tyshawn Sorey), guitarist Brandon Seabrook (Seabrook Power Plant, Gerald Cleaver), bassist Eivind Opsvik, and producer Geoff Kraly (one half of rising indie stars Paris Monster)- Hide Ye Idols is by turns cinematic, aggressive, melodic, irreverent, joyous, introspective, and underpinned by a dry, generous humor.

The album was recorded at The Bunker in Brooklyn, mixed by Eivind Opsvik, and mastered by drummer and bassist Nate Wood (Kneebody), which makes the album 100% artisanal Brooklyn, NY sonic art. Drawing inspiration from Sun Ra, Squarepusher, the soundtrack to David Lynch’s Eraserhead, Monty Python’s Terry Gilliam, Victorian literature, and trips to the Brooklyn Public Library’s History section, the music’s post-rock textures, improvisation, and electronic explorations all point in a wholly contemporary direction.

Speaking about the band, Sperrazza says “After the first record, I booked as many shows as I could, and consequently had subs on gigs sometimes. It was then that I realized, and we all realized, ‘this is a band’. So we’re Vinnie Sperrazza Apocryphal now and I recognize now that this is our vocabulary, our approach; it’s a group sound, not a sound that can be broken down into ‘this player with that player equals this music’”.

Family, community, passage from childhood to adulthood, nods and glances to those who made the world and those who showed how to live in it- these and more themes make up Hide Ye Idols, a product of two years of hard and focused work from a group of Brooklyn musicians, spearheaded and dreamt up by Vinnie Sperrazza. “Although any artists’ work is inherently personal, this group of songs, in this order, is more personal and autobiographical than any music I’ve made. And I can’t stress enough what a group project this was. Everyone- the band, the engineers, Geoff Kraly, Eivind as a mixing engineer, and Nate Wood- made this music what it is, and it was our unity of purpose that’s made this a strong statement. I’m honored to share it with listeners everywhere.”