Silfr //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded in Iladalen Kirke, Oslo. Supported by Arts Council Norway and MFO's Vederlagsfond
Recording date: 
Wednesday, August 12, 2015
Artwork design: 
Tebbe Schoeningh (foto)
Artwork design: 
Rutger Zuydervelt
Mastering engineer: 
Miguel Angel Tolosa
Mixing engineer: 
Espen Reinertsen
Recording engineer: 
Espen Reinertsen
  • 1. SILFR (05:30)
  • 2. USYNLIG FLIMMER (04:22)
  • 3. URTJERN (03:52)
  • 4. RØYKKVARTS (04:17)
  • 5. FLJOTA (03:51)
  • 6. SPRØ GLIMMER (04:40)
  • 7. KARBONTIDEN (05:29)
  • 8. KVIKKSØLV (01:53)
  • 9. AURUM (06:19)
  • 10. SKINNENDE STEIN (02:31)

Vilde Sandve Alnæs - violin
Inga Margrethe Aas - bass

Sofa has been following Vilde&Inga since they started playing together back in 2010 and when they contacted us with the music from Silfr, there was no doubt in our minds. On Silfr they continue to develop the remarkable interplay from their first album, Makrofauna (ECM), but this time they turn the level up a couple of notches. On Silfr Vilde&Inga presents chamber music of international caliber. Each piece on the album dives into a microclimate which eventually reveals small musical pearls. The sound of the two is even more rich than ever and its impressive how the interplay is a perfect tool to enhance their characteristic, organic aesthetics. Sofa is very proud to invite Vilde&Inga to join the catalog with this wonderful album. Silfr is already a classic!