Three Squares Swing on Fire //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2013
Executive producer: 
Pedro Azevedo, Bernardo Oliveira, Renato Godoy, Lucas Pires and Eduardo Manso
  • 1. O Céu dos Otários é Neutro (03:55)
  • 2. Bicho (02:40)
  • 3. Desbloqueio de Games (05:03)
  • 4. Planeta Terra (02:52)
  • 5. A Rocha (03:55)
  • 6. Choro (05:01)
  • 7. Lurk (05:03)
  • 8. Rainha (04:55)
  • 9. Satanghost Nightmare (03:18)
  • 10. Extrapolação (03:43)
  • 11. Inferior (04:51)

QTV 007 – Three Squares Swing On Fire

Ending its first year of existence, the QTV label released in December 2014 the compilation "Three Squares, Swing on Fire", a wide panorama of sounds reflecting many nuances and aspects of what happens at the venue Audio Rebel, Rio de Janeiro.

The album features eleven tracks, mostly unpublished, presenting an accurate overview of groups, artists and projects that are often playing at Quintavant.

Negro Leo
Chelpa Ferro
Rabotnik Quartet Duplo & Arto Lindsay
Sobre a Máquina
Chinese Cookie Poets & Zbigniew Karkowski
Baby Hitler
J.-P. Caron

"And who has been there, saw feet slightly off the ground. Fingers on fire. Nervous laughter. Eyes grimacing. Invented lives. Dismantled times. Settling among us, the sound will explode at such a frequency of amazement that it will cross the worn mobs, the empty speeches, the golden dreams, the correct listening, the leafy squares, the ruins in fury, the disturbed cruzades of Rio de Janeiro battles. And you'll realize that neither repressed and conditioning air of the closed rooms covered in green glasses, nor the sumptuous glow of wide open atlantic gates in crowded beaches will save us from the final melting. Because the fire will uprise. Because the bass definitely will sound like the base of the world's dialectic on pure delirium-delay. And the uncontrolled machine's noise will sound like the echo of a quiet existence that have long waited for the time to attack. Here, the music says, finally, that the adventure of life hasn´t started yet. In fact, it says that it will forever begin. And men and sounds, free from the curse of creating popular muses, will never be the same at Tantão´s city." (Fred Coelho)