Kontakte Trio //

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Recording location: 
Recorded on February 26th 2017 at Gateway studios Kingston
Recording date: 
Sunday, February 26, 2017
Mastering engineer: 
Ian Brighton
Recording engineer: 
Ebe Aquah
  • 1. Motion (05:35)
  • 2. Energy (07:39)
  • 3. Gravity (14:24)
  • 4. Electricity (14:40)
  • 5. Friction (09:00)
  • 6. Kinetic (02:29)

Trevor Taylor - percussion, electronics
Ian Brighton -electric guitar
Steve Beresford - piano, prepared piano, electronics

I wasn’t sure what to expect from this trio since keyboard wiz, Steve Beresford, is so unpredictable, whether improvising with UK greats like Derek Bailey or Evan Parker or playing in the occasional pop/rock bands like the Slits, Singers & Players or the 49 Americans or oddball, comedy units like the Melody Four. Trevor Taylor runs this the FMR label, was once the publisher of the much-missed Avant magazine and who is a gifted improviser whether working with acoustic or electronic percussion. Much less visible is UK guitarist Ian Brighton who has recorded with Tony Oxley, Evan Parker and Philipp Wachsmann. The sound on this disc is exquisite, clean, warm and spacious. Not sure who is using the sampler but they are doing a good job of selecting odd and often humorous bits of voices and subtle sounds. I know that Mr. Beresford has played toys and unusual objects in his Alterations band, hence, some of these sounds are quaint which adds a delightful level of charm to the proceedings. Mr. Brighton often sounds like a more minimal version of Derek Bailey with similar sounds. For the first couple of sections, the music is very minimal, filled with suspense. The music often reminds me of a movie which has minimal action yet still evokes spacious scenes. Perhaps the ghosts of John Cage of Morton Feldman are wandering around this calm, dessert. On occasion, an oasis will appear via a recognizable sample. As that cool air blows softly through my kitchen window, these sounds do a good job moving like careful ghosts hoping to meet some familiar figures. Nice. - Bruce Lee Gallnater, DMG