Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Audio Rebel
Recording date: 
Thursday, January 1, 2015
Artwork design: 
Thiago Lacaz
Executive producer: 
IN-SONE and Bernardo Oliveira
Mixing engineer: 
Gil Fortes
Recording engineer: 
Renato Godoy
  • 1. EUST (07:15)
  • 2. EGBA (07:36)
  • 3. EINZ (01:37)
  • 4. ESMA (08:46)
  • 5. ENIG (15:34)
  • 6. EIUR (04:26)
  • 7. EOUV (04:18)
  • 8. EXUM (20:11)

Flávio Abbes - guitars, synths, radios and portable recorders
Gil Fortes - six-strings bass
Leo Monteiro - drums, vibrators and acoustic noises


UTURO: sound cartography of space, a map of experiences and sensations. The sound running on, dragging the invisible forces, building and undoing territories. "SPACE ROCK". Rhythms which distorts frequencies, frequencies that interfere with rhythm, exchange, grounding, abrupt cuts. Sounds extracted from unpredictable objects, vibrators that focus on skin surfaces sounding like drunken blows. Delinquent reuse of toys and everyday objects, routine transfiguration, sweating. Percussion sound like wind instruments, basses and guitars sound like synths. Flows, chains, harmonies and melodies that soon dissolve into sound chaos.

Produced by IN-SONE
Recorded live by Renato Godoy at Audio Rebel
Mixed by Gil Fortes
Cover by Thiago Lacaz
Executive Producers: IN-SONE e Bernardo Oliveira

Released November 16, 2015