Glossolalia //

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  • 1. Flyt (05:23)
  • 2. Bulder Og Lys (07:48)
  • 3. Mildt (09:41)
  • 4. Stilleflytande (06:25)
  • 5. Lite (02:11)

"Glossolalia" is the first-ever solo album by the innovative musician Sigbjørn Apeland. - A courageous and challenging recording of improvised music for the Harmonium. Apeland is maybe best known for his work with Harding fiddler Nils økland, numerous Norwegian folk singers and electronica innovators Alog.
The term "glossolalia" comes from the Greek "glossa" meaning "tongue", and "lalia", meaning "to speak". To speak in tongues is to talk in unintelligible sounds in a state of religious ecstasy. The title of the album is a play on the instruments association with low-church traditions, that the music "came to" Apeland in an inspired moment, and that the harmonium, unlike the church organ, has metal tongues instead of pipes.
Apeland describes the music on the album as his "attempt to create a form of ambient acoustic music."