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Tuesday, January 1, 2002
  • 1. The Ravens Cry (14:33)
  • 2. Flying Feathers (10:20)
  • 3. Willies Chilly (12:06)
  • 4. Chilly Willie (15:22)
  • 5. Muiko (10:47)

Alto Sax, Tenor Sax, Tarogato – Peter Brötzmann
Drums – Peeter Uuskyla
Electric Bass – Peter Friis Nielsen

Peter Brotzmann, Uusklya, and Fris Nielsen are Flying Feathers, If your a fan of Brotzmanns 'no prisoner' approach you will love this record! a tour de force that never the less succeeds because of the empathy between the players who have worked together over many years. Peter Brotzmann is a colossus amongst saxophonists with an unmistakeable sound and style and we unashamedly recommend this CD as a magnificent example of 'Free Jazz' energetic, warm, passionate and moving!

“This Peter Brotzmann music is the strongest, most powerful and beautiful shit I have ever been involved in. Those Pure good energy vibes give me the healing force that carries me on in daily life! A bold statement, but Swedish drummer Peeter Uuskyla has played with Cecil Taylor, so he ought to know what he's talking about!

Since 1998, Uuskyla , Brotzman and Danish electric guitarist peter Fris Nielsen have toured Skandinavia on several occasions, recorded one studio and one live album and they will soon release a new studio album.

This unit is the first European Brotzmann trio since the seventies. In a very special way it brings Brotzmann down to the roots of improvised music: no rehearsal, no pre determined patterns, just three open minds with an urge to communicate. This is high energy music, brutal but beautiful “ -“I prefer to perform this music in a trio setting, Peeter Usklya tells me. Its a classical jazz lineup without a piano, but musicaly far away from standard Jazz. Brotzmann sure is a jazz musician, but I am not. Although I have experiences from playing Jazz, I come from a European rock background.

Fris Nielsen also began his career playing rock, but on a double bass. he switched to electric bass when playing fusion jazz. The he went far out with his music and never came back, neither to the double bass, rock or Jazz

Most Brotzmann albums are recording of concerts, but live recordings seldom capture the total listening experience, according to Peeter Uusklya:- prefer to work with studio recordings and let them live a life of their own, so the music will not only survive as a souvenir from a great concert.

The Brotzmann- Uuskyla, Fris Nielsen trio has been recorded live by Swedish Broadcasting Company and Ayler Records (Live in Nefertiti, 1999) and another live recording from the tour last year will hopefully be released in the future. In spite of Peeters sceptical attitude to live recordings, ‘live at Neferttit ' was well received by the critics, both in Europe and in the USA
the new FMR studio album, 'Flying Feathers', was recorded last autumn in the same studio as the earlier 'Noise of Wings'
-the sound engineer, Dragan Tanaskovic, knows exactly what I want, Peter tell me, -I sure do feel blessed being in the middle of that lovely noise, banging myself out into trance. This is pure beauty, and it brings love and wisdom of a better world to us all. Anyway, that's what we are tying to give you a s a listener!

Sven Gustafsson