Zoochosis //

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Recorded at the Studio of the University of West England
Recording date: 
Saturday, January 1, 2000
Trevor Taylor
  • 1. Bears (16:17)
  • 2. Birds (15:09)
  • 3. Monkeys (05:14)
  • 4. Big Cats (03:49)
  • 5. Whales & Elephants (10:48)

Paul Rogers - Bass
Trevor Taylor - Percussion, Electronics
Paul Dunmall - Saxophone

Fresh from their recent highly successful BBC radio 3 broadcast with the 7 piece expanded group here´s the trio recording. What does zoochosis mean? “Zoochosis”: You’re likely to find this word used by animal rights activists in reference to what they see as the degrading effect of zoos on the animals they contain. Many animals, especially the large carnivores, become deeply depressed, even psychotic, as the result of captivity. Symptoms of zoochosis include nervous pacing, head rocking, and self-mutilation. In this recording the three musicians experiment with a different form of Improvisation than they have been known for, by multitracking different sections over a period of time instead of in one live session. This has been done deliberately to 'build' various sections and atmospheres in a form of composition created yet still by Improvisation. The results are stunning!!!