Three //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Studios 301, Sydney, Australia
Recording date: 
Monday, March 4, 2019
Clare McGregor, Ian Collie & Anne Zahalka, Alister & Sue Spence, Corina Schurmann, Klaus Ellerhusen Holm
Artwork design: 
Tim Kliendienst/Tony Buck
Mastering engineer: 
Doug Henderson, micro-moose-berlin
Mixing engineer: 
Tim Whitten
The Necks
Recording engineer: 
Tim Whitten
  • 1. Bloom (21:18)
  • 2. Lovelock (22:46)
  • 3. Further (21:00)

Chris Abrahams - piano, keyboards
Tony Buck - drums, percussion, guitar
Lloyd Swanton - acoustic and electric bass

Unlike the sustained improvisations that are their live performances, The Necks' studio albums take shape by way of intricate crafting throughout the entire recording and mixing process. Their 21st album comprises three contrasting tracks, all a little over 20 mins, each drawing on three different aspects of The Necks’ soundworld, revisiting a format they used on their 2006 ARIA Award-winning album Chemist.
The first track, Bloom, is intense, dense and chattering. Lovelock - dedicated to the memory of Celibate Rifles frontman and soccer commentator Damien Lovelock - is still, spare and weightless. The final track Further is a groove in five that conjures an earlier Necks aesthetic; the love-child of Sex and Aquatic.
"Close your eyes and it entangles you, like being snagged in forest creepers and briars; like peering deeply into Pollock's Blue Poles, and feeling a whisper of vertigo as its fathomless depth takes hold... (The Necks') multi-tacked studio format is proving fertile across an improbable 31 years." - Sydney Morning Herald
"Like all The Necks albums, Three is an album you fall into. It’s music for duration, though also music for texture, where repeated listens will reveal previously hidden elements. It feels live, and to some extent I’m sure it partially was, but when you’re dealing with musicians this adept, everything they do is alive; alive with possibility, with beauty, alive with a kind of assurance that most music could only dream of." - Cyclic Defrost

Total run time 65:09