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Recording location: 
Recorded at various studios in July 1988 and June 1990. Mixed at Studios 301, Sydney. Mastered at Studios 301, Sydney
Recording date: 
Saturday, July 16, 1988
Matt Dickson, Gerry Nixon, Bob Shanks, Alan Riley, Neville Whitehead, Low Boy, Peter Rechnievski, Jane March, Sima, Dan Smith, Bette Mifsud, Mariko Yoshihara, Stuart Eadie, Chris Roberts, Anne Zahalka, Brett Baker, Lucy Pickworth, Simpsons Solicitors, Colin Seeger, and James Talbot
Artwork design: 
Paul McNeil
Artwork design: 
Michael Bell
Mastering engineer: 
Don Bartley
Mixing engineer: 
Gerry Nixon
The Necks and Gerry Nixon
Recording engineer: 
Lana Lazareff
Recording engineer: 
Robert Scott
  • 1. Garl's (07:19)
  • 2. Nice Policeman Nasty Policeman (04:58)
  • 3. Pele (28:33)
  • 4. Next (09:49)
  • 5. Jazz Cancer (06:16)
  • 6. The World at War (16:35)

Although Next is officially the group's second release, tracks 1 and 3 (Garl's and Pele) are infact the first studio recordings the Necks ever made. In contrast to the single track form of Sex (their first album), Next contains 6 tracks - some of which see the band augmented by various guests namely; Dave Brewer on guitar; Michel Rose on pedal steel; Mike Bukovsky on trumpet; and Timothy Hopkins on saxophone.
The album's tracks are varied in style with elegant minimalism sitting alongside Eno-esque programming and sombre orchestration.

"Sublime. Six pieces, all of them beautifully played and perfectly controlled"
–Sydney Morning Herald (Australia)