Drive By //

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Recording location: 
Recorded at Megaphon, St Peters, NSW. Mixed at Paradise, Woolloomooloo, NSW, and mastered at Sony Mastering, Huntingwood, NSW.
Recording date: 
Saturday, November 1, 2003
John Cumming, Guy Morley, Mark Rappaport, Hamish Stuart, Christian Mcbride
Artwork design: 
Asi Föcker
Mastering engineer: 
Tim Whitten
Mastering engineer: 
Paul Bryant
The Necks
Recording engineer: 
Tim Whitten
  • 1. Drive By (01:00:17)

The album that really saw The Necks break through to a wider audience, Drive By is the release most often likened to their seminal first album, Sex, possibly in view of the presence throughout of an undeviating, driving tempo.

Drive By’s modus operandi is founded upon two quite contrasting basic group textures, one in a triple meter, the other quadruple. The work crossfades part-by-part from one ensemble landscape to the other several times throughout its hour-long duration, signposted along the way by environmental samples, churning Hammond organ, mesmerising drum grooves and a memorable melodic hook.

Drive By was the winner of the 2004 ARIA Best Jazz Album Award.

“This is The Necks’ masterpiece" - The Wire