Attention, the doors are closing! //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Monday, November 25, 2013
Mastering engineer: 
Joe Panzner
Rutger Zuydervelt
  • 1. Entrance (01:43)
  • 2. Slapping Dance (06:40)
  • 3. Kostya's Solo (17:01)
  • 4. Manipulation (07:54)
  • 5. Sasha's Solo (04:06)
  • 6. Perfect Contact (17:18)

After making the music (with Aaron Martin) for his piece Hide And Seek, choreographer Iván Pérez asked me to score his work Attention: the Doors Are Closing! The piece was made for Ballet Moscow, as part of their collaboration with Korzo (The Hague), for the Rusland-Netherlands year 2013.

Before Ivan went to Russia to start working with the dancers, I made hours of raw material, mostly based on recordings of drums (which I found fitting with the concept of the piece). The last three weeks of the working process I joined Ivan in Moscow to work intensely on the music, while he was dealing with the finishing touches of the chreography. Each day the piece grew, and sound and movement got closer together.

Attention deals with human relations in all its aspects, and especially how these function in a Russian society. It's a very physical performance that draws from agression, humilation and intimacy in equal parts. The score enhances this, making it a very intense and at times intimidating work.

The music is mastered by Joe Panzner.

Trailer for the dancer performance: