Door To Door //

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Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded live at NMH Oslo
Recording date: 
Tuesday, November 10, 2009
Mastering engineer: 
Thomas Hukkelberg
Trevor Taylor
Recording engineer: 
Morten Brekke Stensland
  • 1. Paying Top Dollar For Old Dirt (23:36)
  • 2. Shorter Circuits (10:42)
  • 3. Last One Hired (11:17)

Kim-Erik Pedersen - sax
Kim Johannessen - guitar
Chris Corsano - drums

This disc was recorded live in Oslo, Norway in November of 2009. Chris Corsano is one of the most creative and distinctive drummers to come down the pike in many years. Each time I see & hear him play (with Evan Parker or Joe McPhee or Sir Richard Bishop), he knocks me out. He has a completely unique approach to playing drums so until you get a chance to see him live, you have no idea how he gets certain sounds. . Except for certain more distinctive sounds, it is difficult to tell who is doing what on this disc. Suspense and space between the sounds is well-utilized throughout as well as spirited interaction and a strong balance between all three musicians. Even those over-the-top moments are well-placed. Bruce Lee Gallanter, Downtown Music Gallery