Kook //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded live at Eat Jazz Studios, Nesodden, Norway.
Recording date: 
Sunday, December 4, 2011
Mastering engineer: 
Jorn Erik Ahlsen
Mixing engineer: 
Jorn Erik Ahlsen
Trevor Taylor
Recording engineer: 
Jorn Erik Ahlsen
  • 1. There Was No Soup (06:13)
  • 2. Do I Know Sarah Kane? (02:23)
  • 3. Unit / Fitted (11:58)
  • 4. So It Goes (04:05)
  • 5. Friday Cannot Speak (02:58)
  • 6. What Filth / Just One More Thing, I Love Your Suit (09:21)
  • 7. The Boy Was As Beautiful As Eve (07:28)

Stian Larsen - guitar, electronics
Jorn Erik Ahlsen - guitar, electronics

Norweigan guitarists Stian Larsen and Jorn Erik Ahlsen provide a tantilisingly wonderful selection of soundscapes in this, their first outing for FMR. Both are expert in not just playing the guitar but the use of live electronics which can of course provide endless possibilities. Seven constantly changing textures and ideas from two of Europes greatest and most creative improvisors