Unraveling The Waterfall //

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Recording location: 
Recorded live at Cafe OTO
Recording date: 
Tuesday, January 17, 2017
Mastering engineer: 
Phil Julian
Recording engineer: 
James Dunn
  • 1. Unraveling The Waterfall (31:29)

Julie Tippetts - voice, Sri Lankan hand drums, bells, singing bowls, water bowls, thumb piano, seed pod shaker, Balinese mini xylophone, struck hand drum
​Mark Wastell - tam tam, cracked ride cymbal, shruti box, chimes, hand drum, Indian temple bells, singing bowls

Strikingly sparse and meditative percussive duo from esteemed vocalist Julie Tippetts and Mark Wastell. Both equipped with a wealth of percussion but perfectly restrained, the pair are near-still, bright and clear at first, until the surface of their glistening sound begins to prickle and rush with an unseen current. Tippett's voice effortlessly matches the bellows of the Wastell’s shruti box, and its gentle drone highlights her natural vocal warmth. Intimate, explorative and intuitive, each note struck or sung is turned over gently, explored, and put back down to rest - like a rare find in a rock pool.