Pickelhaube //

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Recorded in Stockholm
Recording date: 
Thursday, March 8, 2012
  • 1. Tore Anderssons Uteblivna Tapto (03:30)
  • 2. En Kraftlös Försvarare av en redan Förlorad Sak (03:21)
  • 3. Svenska Missilfabrikens Samvete (10:14)
  • 4. Die Neue Hoboisten Musik (03:02)
  • 5. Pour Votre Sécurité (04:43)
  • 6. The Economic Hit Man (09:29)

Joel Grip double bass solo

Pickelhaube is the solo album of one of the most active improvisers and music activists of today. This LP-vinyl (and download) is the result of an unique and completely analogue recording and reproduction, and brings to you the very full body of a wooden battle ship of an instrument, the contrabass, and the breath of a musical mind. The production also include texts, poems, photos and drawings.

From the liner notes:
“This is a solo in duet with the current era of silent repression of every mind that’s not in line for the mental pawnshop. In these times, most shallow behaviors are presented as if the deepest of engagements and beliefs. We are dressed up in a fictional all-in-one hat, the helmet and the warhead: Die Pickelhaube.
Blow yourself out of your own mind or simply step out of your helmet.
And listen.”