No Project Vol II //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded at Timbuktu Studios
Recording date: 
Tuesday, September 2, 2014
Recording engineer: 
Andre Fernandes
  • 1. Improvisation I (10:50)
  • 2. Improvisation II (03:54)
  • 3. Improvisation III (01:33)
  • 4. Improvisation IV (11:11)
  • 5. Improvisation V (02:47)
  • 6. Improvisation VI (09:35)
  • 7. Improvisation VII (02:23)
  • 8. Improvisation VIII (21:10)

Joao Paulo Esteves Da Silva - piano
Nelson Cascais - bass
Joao Lencastre - drums

"NO PROJECT TRIO is a Portuguese free improvisation trio, They don't compose in advance, just meet in a risky and paradoxical world where composition coincides with playing and rehearsals with studio or public sessions. To let the music flow out at the moment is their only project, a no project, in fact, but never the less, a project! And what a project, 8 improvisations of great passion, pathos and often sublime introspection All musicians Joao Paulo Esteves Da Silva on piano, Nelson Cascais on bass and wonderful drummer Joao Lencastre acquit themselves with high distinction. Music and great Improvisation knows no borders, only ears eager to capture these sublime creations. Highly Recommended!" - FMR