Percussion Music //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording date: 
Monday, April 14, 2003
Mastering engineer: 
Audun Strype
Mixing engineer: 
Thomas Hukkelberg, Ingar Zach
  • 1. Percussion Music (43:41)

«Percussion Music» is Ingar Zach's debut solo release. Over the last couple of years he has developed a personal sound in his instrument, and on this release his arsenal of bells, gongs, drums and motors are accompanied with zither. «Percussion Music» is recorded in a large factory hall, and is one long piece of music consisting of drones and overtones that are carefully developed.

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Liner notes

Here are Ingar Zach's own notes on the solo release:

«This CD is recorded live in an abandoned chocolate factory in Oslo with an amazing acoustic. I would recommend the listener to find one level on their hi-fi (quite loud!!!), and listen through the whole piece without changing the volume level.»



«Oslo percussionist works regularly with Euro improv heavyweights like Derek Bailey, Rhodri Davies and Charlotte Hug, but his first solo album makes one wonder why he needs collaborators at all, such is the scope and density of the music it contains. Zach is a one-man AMM, deploying a battery of techniques and instrumentation (including zither) to create a rumbling, sizzling backdrop to sharp percussive interventions that range from the delicate to the abrasive. In his ability to sound his instruments without conventional attack, extracting otherworldly textures and overtones from metal, wood and skin, he recalls amore mercurial Eddie Prevost.

The concluding section, in which Zach apparently takes a host of electric shavers to each percussive device simultaneously, is quite monstrous, with the weight of the ambient space (the album was recorded in a disused chocolate factory) adding to the oppressive menace of the music.»

Keith Moliné
One Final Note

«Oscillating cathedral organ-like tones mix with an approximation of bells pealing as looping sine waves—sounding somewhat like a mini dustbuster—make their presence felt. Soon you can make out other percussion entries real and imagined.»

Ken Waxman

«Percussion Music har et skjær og en utforming som er helt unik innen norsk improv.»

Sindre Andersen

«På «Percussion Music» imponerer han med en perkussiv musikalitet, der lange linjer og plutselige bevegelser fanger interessen, og en drone-lignende masse av lyd gir skiftende inntrykk.»

Arild Andersen

«Ingar Zach er en original - nok et heftig maleri viser det.»

Tor Hammerø