Le Stanze //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
M.O.S Soundlab, Madrid and Ermita de la Virgen de la Andalucia
Recording date: 
Tuesday, January 13, 2015
Alessandra, Mercedes, Miguel Angel, Birte, Carmen, Kim and Martin
Artwork design: 
Mercedes S. Zarco
Mixing engineer: 
Miguel Angel Tolosa
  • 1. La Bugia Dello Specchio (03:31)
  • 2. Il Battio Del Vichingo (15:19)
  • 3. L'inno Dell'Oscurita (07:38)
  • 4. É Solitudine (11:16)

Ingar Zach - percussion and electronics

It's been 6 years since Ingar Zachs critically acclaimed solo album; M.O.S. ( SOFA 532). On his 5th album, Le Stanze, Ingar Zach continues to develop his unique, personal music, also this time with percussion and electronics.
The four compositions show an highly original artist who constantly finds new surprising possibilities in the world of percussion. The music is recorded in a small church in Urueña in Spain and in his studio in Madrid . The result is a brilliant refined album which again confirms Ingar Zach's impressive solo career.

“…a delicacy in the use of electro-acoustic processing to expand the expressive potential of their primary instruments. The results, belying any complexity of process, are ravishing.”

Tim Owen @ Dalston Sound

“Not only is it an intriguing listen, but on Le Stanze, Zach brings a magic, a mystery, to the act of making music, the process.”

James Wells @ Aural aggravation

“Die Zukunft der perkussiven Musik hat bei Ingar Zach längst begonnen.”

Stephan Wolf @ Amusio

“Zach is a percussion player who also does quite a bit of electronics and the results are amazing….a wonderful insight in the musical abilities of mister Zach. An album that sounds like a journey through life; from quiet beginnings to a powerful end, expertly painted. An excellent work.”
Frans De Waard @ Vital Weekly