Shores and Ditches //

Album label: 
Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded live at the St. Leonard's Shoreditch Church in London, UK
Recording date: 
Wednesday, December 7, 2011
Mastering engineer: 
François Carrier
Mixing engineer: 
François Carrier
Trevor Taylor
  • 1. Caldera (07:26)
  • 2. Upstream (18:58)
  • 3. Lava (04:31)
  • 4. Reef (04:08)
  • 5. Wadi (13:48)
  • 6. Shores and Ditches (07:11)

Francois Carrier - alto saxophone
Michel Lambert - drums
Neil Metcalfe - flute
Daniel Thompson - guitar

Recorded while touring in Dec 7th in the wonderful acoustic of St leonards Church, London this CD is the third on FMR by the brilliant Canadian alto saxophonist Francois Carrier, who is based in Montreal, Canada The cd pit's him with his long time companion and excellent fellow Canadian drummer Michel Lambert, and English musicians flautist Neil Metcalfe, Guitarist Daniel Thompson and double bassist Guilaume Viltard The results are 58 Mins of sparking and tantalising improvisations of supreme quality and creative achievement alongside the music the album artwork includes many mini snapshots of Carriers other love photography, in which his astute ear is matched by his ever open eyes that capture the unusual, the abstract, that often missed in the pace of modern life Altogether the two paint a picture of a whole human being totaly alive and open to his existence and who can eloquently echo his experiance in music and art A major new voice in improvisation!!