Live at the Pyramid Club //

Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded live at the Pyramid Club in Wellington, New Zealand.
Recording date: 
Thursday, June 26, 2014
Thanks to Dan Beban and the Sound and Light Exploration Society.
Artwork design: 
Olivia Webb
Mastering engineer: 
Antony Milton
Noel Meek
Recording engineer: 
Samin Son
  • 1. Side A (14:30)
  • 2. Side B (14:40)

A slab of free freak noise from prolific New Zealand quartet, FANZ. FANZ are a four piece freak noise outfit from Wellington, New Zealand, featuring the legendary Antony Milton (here taking the drum seat), End of the Alphabet Records boss man, Noel Meek, South Korean performance artist, Samin Son and noisenik Fergus Nelson Moores. They have been described as being "something like a cross between The Skaters and The Futurians" (Pseudoarcana). Solidly in the New Zealand tradition of weirdo outsider noise makers, FANZ are four solo music freaks getting together to make a racket that one audience member described as "symphonic noise."

"Live at the Pyramid Club" was recorded at the most recent in a 15 year tradition of music venues in Wellington dedicated to experimental music and consists of two sides of improvised free noise and drone propelled by caveman drums. It is a wild ride of an album that sucks listeners into a whirlpool of feedback and screams . . .

Originally available on a limited edition cassette tape.