The Braxtornette Project //

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Wednesday, January 18, 2012
  • 1. Part I (25:10)
  • 2. Part II (12:34)
  • 3. Part III (34:41)
  • 4. Part IV (31:56)

In this project, Die Hochstapler (the impostors) work on two great american composers: Anthony Braxton and Ornette Coleman. Both have their own revolutionary vision of music, philosophy and life. We are using their compositions, their concepts to create our music; we don’t copy them, we steal them and restructurate their ideas according to ours.

This release presents the evolution of our work of the last two years in four parts on 2 CDs.

The first part can be seen as the starting point, with a “classical” approach of both composers, playing their more jazzistic compositions.

The second part is one long “suite”, combining very different ideas but with a pre-defined structure, getting away from the conventional theme-solo-theme structure, superimposing compositions and exploring the quartet formation as one improvising unity.

The third part is an open structure, collage and games, where the very concrete material of the compositions become abstract, a game of time and length and speed, repetition and singularity, where the simplicity of the “rules” allow us to be more and more free.

The last part has been recorded at the Umlaut Berlin Festival 2013, augmenting the group by the great quartet Peeping Tom, an homage to the large ensemble compositions of Ornette Coleman and Anthony Braxton.