None Of Them Would Remember It That Way //

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Release date: 
Recording location: 
Recorded in Berlin 2008-2009
Recording date: 
Tuesday, January 1, 2008
Artwork design: 
Mixing engineer : 
Chris Abrahams / Lucio Capece
Kurt Liedwart
Recording engineer: 
Lucio Capece
Recording engineer: 
Chris Abrahams
  • 1. Ring Road (11:16)
  • 2. Southern Patterns (26:35)
  • 3. All The Oceans Between (06:51)

Chris Abrahams // DX7 FM synthesizer
Lucio Capece // soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, preparations, sruti box

Over the course of a two-year period, Lucio Capece and Chris Abrahams met in Berlin and recorded the pieces contained on this album. Not much was arranged prior to the playing of the music, with the exception of certain aspects of the recording process — such as the placement of microphones in the room. They did not work on trying to pre-ordain a structure or form, or, indeed, to try to make an unpredictable album — their music developed organically.

In the pieces here, Chris’s DX7, with its artificiality and hermetic sound production, combines strangely yet perfectly with Lucio’s organic approach — his focus on the environment of the room; the exterior, outside space.

This work is an explicit attempt at concentration on material; an attempt to take perception as a score and to consider that our senses observe and perceive the “outside” in a unique and dynamic interaction with our memories, our understandings and our physical capacities. It is an exploration of the never-ending dialogs we have between the internal and personal aspects of ourselves and the outside. These are the very dialogs that make people perceive the same thing, always, in different ways.