About Subradar

Dear visitor! Subradar is an artist-friendly online platform for downloading alternative, improvised and experimental music in high-definition formats. We are continuously updating our catalogue with both new and old music from a wide variety of genres from all corners of the world. Go to www.subradar.no to explore our vast catalogue!

Our mission
The idea of subradar is both to provide a high-quality service where artists and bands can sell their music and to create a sense of community and a place to interact for fans and followers from all over the world. Subradar’s main goal is to give artists, bands and labels a fair deal with an average of 80% of the gross sales in return.

The brief history of subradar
In 2012 musician Klaus Ellerhusen Holm founded subradar along with musicians and web designer/developer Jonas Howden Sjøvaag and Erlend Slettevoll.

After being used to seeing most of the profit from music sales either evaporate into thin air or disappear among distributors and different digital providers, we wanted to create an alternative that was artist-friendly and with higher returns to the creators of content.

Thus, we decided to make our own solution from scratch allowing us to have very low annual running costs and be totally self-sufficient. In 2017 subradar celebrates its fifth year of existence and of being (to our knowledge) the world’s biggest online provider of curated digital downloads of improvised and experimental music.

About us
Subradar.no is an independent online music store based in Trondheim, Norway. Subradar is organized as a nonprofit foundation. In March 2018 the board consists of:

Klaus Ellerhusen Holm: executive director, musician
Martin Taxt: board member, musician, manager of Sofa Music
Andreas Risanger Meland: board member, manager of the Hubro record label
Øyvind Skjerven Larsen: board member, employee at the Norwegian Jazz Forum
Hanne Rekdal: board member, musician, employee at Arts Council Norway
Christian Meaas Svendsen: board member, musician, manager of Nakama Records
Jonas Howden Sjøvaag: board member, musician, webdesigner at Weblance

Subradar has been developed in close collaboration with musicians and record labels and is run by artists.

Subradar is supported by:
Arts Council Norway
The Norwegian Composers’ Fund
INTRO-fondet from Tromsø municipality


Lossless encoding ensures full quality for all albums sold through our site. On selected albums, you can also choose to download the music in 24bit/96kHz high-definition audio.

ALAC (Apple lossless)
Apple lossless provides the original CD quality (or even better on selected albums). ALAC is supported out of the box in iTunes and several other players.

For music listening on the go on MP3 players, mobile phones, etc., we also provide full album downloads in AAC (Advanced Audio Codec) format. The files are encoded using the Fraunhofer FDK AAC codec, which is regarded as the best sounding encoder for this format. These files are supported by most portable audio equipment. All files are 16 bit / 44100 kHz.

As with M4A, MP3 files are well suited for playing on a wide range of devices and portable equipment. All files are 16 bit / 44100 kHz and are encoded using LAME MP3 Encoder.


Subradar.no is run by the Subradar Music Foundation
Norwegian org. no.: 998166594
Holbergsgt 46b
7015 Trondheim